Coffee Trade

Coffee Export


Paul Riesand sons which is one of the member of NEFC group, is the exporter of Ethiopian coffee since 1885, and is also one of the founding members of Ethiopian coffee exporters` association. At the beginning Paul Ries was only engaged in export of sundried coffee but in the early 90`s has invested in a new washed coffee peeling and grading machineries. This department, to meet with the European coffee purchasers` request, with coffee cupping and grading laboratory section.

Paul Ries Plant Capacity

In order to increase the quality and quantity of exportable coffee relatively full mechanized technology was employed for cleaning of both washed and sundried coffees:
For cleaning sundried coffee, important elements of coffee cleaning and grading machineries such as:
  • Pre-cleaner: which rejects some light and broken beans together with the impurities before intering the processing chain.
  • Grader: Grades coffee up to 8 different sizes, it is a latest technology from Brazil P1-4 model of PINHALENSE.
  • Gravity Separator: which separates beans according to their weight.
  • Catador: Which deliver three grades, heavy, medium and light beans Daily processing capacity of 1200 kgs.

For Cleaning Washed Coffee:

  • Pre-cleaner, removes foreign matter dust, stone,‚Ķbefore coffee enters hulling and polishing processes.
  • German made Kacck model Hans SA .Sm14 polisher is employed for separation of parchment hulls and silver skins from parchments with hourly capacity of 2000kgs per day.

Our coffee is packed in jute bags of 60 kgs each and 50 kgs for Middle East Markets. The coffee is dispatched by our own trucks and consigned to our sister company Savon Ries for stuffing and shipping of our good